Additional Election Logistic Software Tools by Konnech

Konnech’s Election Logistic Software Solutions

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Voter Management Tools

  • Easy to use and reliable import functions equipped to handle various data files.

  • Capable of integrating with external voter list databases to ensure the system always has up to date information.

  • Archives both current and historic voter list data.

  • Comprehensive search and filtering tools to query the database.

  • Extensive user permission setting options to protect voter information.

  • Voter list data synchronizes throughout the application to facilitate functionality in other modules like worker validation, postal vote applications, provisional vote scrutiny, voter mark off, and more.

Election Night Reporting

  • Ability to import results or tabulation data from an external source to have it processed in our system.

  • Extensive reporting tools available to verify the results information before publishing it externally.

  • Offers an intuitive and user-friendly public facing results site for the public to find the information they need.

  • Reporting capabilities available to assist with presenting information to the public.

Voter Information Look-Up Tools

  • A web-based portal to find information related to their registration and election information.

  • Enables voters to verify and update their registration status.

  • User friendly ‘Find my polling place’ tool lets voters see all their voting location options and get directions to the locations that work best for them.

  • Voters can see up to date election information like the election dates, their candidates, polling sites, and more.


  • Offers staff at polling locations a user friendly, fast, reliable, and intuitive application for busy workers to manage a variety of tasks on election day.

  • Enables the searching of the voter database, confirmation of a voter’s eligibility, and the identification of the ballot a voter should receive.

  • Controls are available to limit and prevent voters from voting more than once.

  • Mark off data is synchronized between devices to ensure that all devices have accurate voter and strike off data.

  • Hosts a litany of other polling location functions such as ballot box sealing, ballot counting, ballot tracking, ballot reconciliation, staff timesheets, staff evaluations, incident reporting, polling location evaluations, and more!

  • Includes a back office site with a numerous dashboards and report functions to track the progress of the election and ensure the security of ballots and information.

Help Desk

  • Access to a 365 Help Desk System which can be used both during and outside election season.

  • Able to create tickets from a user-friendly portal or from a back office system.

  • Configuration capabilities are available for users to personalize ticket categories, fields, default values, statuses, and more.

  • The system can automatically assign tickets to users or groups of users based on the ticket type created.

  • Able to create, track, and report on service levels based on ticket category and priority.

Poll Watchers System

  • Fast and intuitive check-in and check-out processes for poll watchers makes it easy for them to enter and exit ballot counting sites.

  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard to see the names and groups of all poll watchers at a location at any given time.

  • Compatible with driver license scanning to automatically populate poll watchers data without requiring manual data entry.

Time Clock & Worker Attendance App

  • Allows staff to mark their attendance at work assignments and training classes.

  • Available as an app or WAP and is compatible with various device types.

  • Attendance data is stored on the device and synchronized with the Worker Module to make the payroll processing a breeze.

Record Management System

  • Able to manage storage location profiles where records are stored.

  • Record profiles can be created and associated to a storage location for documents to be easily found in the future.

  • Retention periods can be defined for individual records to track how long the item must be stored for.

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